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Can you make a difference to a burn survivor this year ?

The Katie Piper Foundation aims to support people living with burn and trauma scarring for as long as they need our help. Some of the services we provide, for example hair restoration systems, require a lifetime commitment from the Foundation as they need to be maintained throughout and replaced every year.

We want to ensure that we provide holistic support, and are able to respond in a flexible way to support each individual in whatever way they need. This month we asking if you can help us to provide this support by coming on board as a regular supporter of KPF

£5 per month – could help us to support someone living with burn and trauma scarring to access peer support

£10 per month – could help us to provide a make-up and skin camouflage session to a burn survivor

£20 per month – could help us to ensure our online forum stays open for people living with burn and trauma scarring

We are passionate about providing peer to peer support, and enabling survivors to meet others with similar experiences as no one should have to go through a difficult, potentially life changing, experience alone. One of the ways we do this is through our social activities: last year we held our first weekend event for 30 beneficiaries, one of whom – Kelly Jackson, blogger at – presented to the group about her experiences since a car accident in 2013, and this year Kelly is taking part in the British 10K for the Foundation.

“The Katie Piper Foundation has done so much for me and my confidence, living with burn scars. I would love to show my gratitude to the charity by taking part in any fundraising event. I hope I can raise enough money to help other burn survivors out there too.” 

In 2016 we want to support more people living with burn and trauma scarring – we will launch an online forum, we will put on at least one more weekend social event, we will support those that require treatments like hair replacement systems and medical tattooing, we will continue to contribute to research within the burn care field, and we will continue to work towards delivering the gold standard of burn rehabilitation here in the UK.

To do this we need people to join us to help us achieve our vision of a world where scars do not limit a person’s function, social inclusion or sense of well-being.

Thank you so much for supporting The Katie Piper Foundation.