Your gift today will mean so much to survivors of burns and people living with scars.  Andreas and Adele’s determination along with the support they’ve had from The Katie Piper Foundation has left them in a positive place to cope with life through the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond.  They want survivors of burns who are facing a new, traumatic and painful reality to have the same help that transformed their lives.

£5 could pay for a call to be answered from our Survivor Support Line, newly set-up to relieve over-stretched fellow care givers, in the NHS.  Making sure that even in times of the Coronavirus crisis, they don’t have to experience personal crisis alone.

£15 could cover a resilience volunteer’s expenses. Living with burns and scars is often a very isolating experience. We train people with burns scars to give guidance, as volunteers to survivors, reassuring them that life will get better.

£25 could enable survivors of burns to have their first video call to plan their rehabilitation with a physiotherapist or psychotherapist.

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