Hair Restoration

We can provide access to a range of options for hair restoration for people with total or partial hair loss due to a burn injury. These services include:

Hair Replacement Systems

“Hair replacement systems” can be off-the-shelf or made bespoke and they may cover just small areas or the whole scalp. They can use synthetic or human hair and utilise technologically advanced membranes which are breathable and thin/translucent in order to provide a natural scalp-like appearance.  Breathable membranes do not need to be removed like a conventional wig or hairpiece – they can remain on the head for around 4 weeks and the wearer can sleep, swim, wash and style the hair just like it’s their own.  They are secured using translucent, hypoallergenic medical adhesive or tape. Some people with partial hair loss choose to have a system which is integrated with their own hair.

The Foundation can also provide access to wigs and hair pieces. 

Hair Transplant Surgery

The Farjo Hair Institute and The Katie Piper Foundation are working in partnership to provide access to hair transplant surgery for people with permanent hair loss due to burn scarring and who have been refused NHS funding for treatment.  We recognise that access to hair transplant surgery within the NHS is limited.

Treatments available include restoration of: hairline / scalp, facial hair, eyebrows & eyelashes, and other hair bearing areas of the body.

Please contact us for further information. Ezinna (Charity Services Manager) can talk to you about the options available. She can also arrange for you to speak to someone who has received hair restoration via the Foundation if you wish.


“I had the most wonderful pampered day at the hair clinic last Wednesday and I now have hair!!!! I wake in the morning with hair, if I wear a hat I can take it off without my hair coming off with it, I can brush it and touch it.

It feels so normal, it’s unbelievable. Having my hair is obviously a big factor but not the only one. I really cannot ever thank the Foundation enough, no more worries about a windy day or being caught without anything on my head – it’s always there and I love it!”