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What's In My Head

How to be the best version of you

Katie Piper is a best-selling international author, inspirational speaker, TV presenter and charity founder. She rebuilt her life after surviving an attack in March 2008 at the age of 24. In 2009, while still in the early stages of recovery, Katie set up this charity. This was possible thanks to the generosity of people from Simon Cowell to local Brownie Guide groups.
People often ask us if they can meet Katie and hear her talk – now you have the chance to! We’re delighted to tell you about her first ever theatre tour “What’s In My Head” starting in March 2018! There’ll be plenty of chances to donate to The Katie Piper Foundation when you’re there, and if you treat yourself to the ‘meet and greet’ package, a portion of your ticket price will come straight to the Foundation.

In a time of glossy magazines, Photoshop, Instagram filters and app dating remaining in touch with reality has never been harder.
Katie embarks on her debut theatre tour to share what she has learnt and what helped her remain positive even through the toughest of times. She will discuss her own battles with anxiety and explain how she has overcome its crippling clutches. Katie is opening her own diaries, photo albums and personal memories in this most intimate and revealing talk about her life.

Insecurities exist in us all and adversity in life is unavoidable, but how can it be managed? How can we find the light in the darkest of times? Katie believes no matter how big or small your challenges might seem, there is always a confident way forward and she will show you how.
This is her story, this is her life, this is her wisdom. This is “What’s In My Head”.

Meet and Greet tickets are available directly from the venue. The package includes:

  • A seated ticket in the front of the theatre
  • An exclusive meet and greet after the show with Katie
  • A copy of Katie’s new book ‘From Mother to Daughter’
  • An opportunity to have your book signed by Katie

At least £10 of your ticket price will come straight to The Katie Piper Foundation.