Restoration Services

Available for new referrals 

Hair Transplant Surgery

The Katie Piper Foundation work to provide access to hair transplant surgery for people with permanent hair loss due to burn scarring. We support and give guidance to survivors, for NHS funding requests.  Those who are refused that funding may be eligible for free, or partially funded, surgery made possible through the generosity of our partner The Farjo Hair Institute. We support patients throughout the whole process and step in to cover costs surrounding assessment and surgery. Treatments available include restoration of:

– hairline

– scalp

– facial hair

– eyebrows & eyelashes

– other hair bearing areas of the body.

Please contact us for further information. Johanne (Head of Charity Services) can talk to you about the options available and your likelihood of suitability. She can also arrange for you to speak to someone who has received hair restoration via the Foundation to give insight into the process.

Closed to new referrals

Hair Replacement Systems

We continue to fund these for those individuals we are already supporting.  

However, we are no longer taking on any new people for this.  If you have permanent hair loss due to a burn injury and you would like some guidance on the options available, please contact us

Medical Tattooing and make-up support

Similarly to hair replacements, we continue to support those people who have already started on this journey with us.  However, we are not taking on new beneficiaries for these services.

Impact of corona virus on hair and medical tattooing services

During the coronavirus period, if you are an existing client and have questions about when face-to-face appointments might be resumed, or how to best maintain your system or tattooing during this time, please contact your salon.  If you are in discussion about a hair transplant, we are committed to continuing your journey with our partner Farjo Hair.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. 


Other useful services

If you have a burn injury you can find information about relevant services at:

If you have questions about scars you can find information at:


Please contact us with any questions or feedback about our services.