Peer Support

“Through the Foundation I have met a number of other survivors at events such as cupcake decorating and a crafts day. Knowing that other people face the same difficulties as I do – and finding out about how they’ve managed their burns – really has made it easier for me to live with burns and scars.”

We often hear from people with burns and scars from other traumatic injuries who would like to speak to, or meet with, someone who has had a similar experience.

Over the last few years we have organised over 40 workshops and social activities for people with burns and trauma scars. We organised both small and large group events – the number of attendees ranged from 3 to 64! In 2013-2014 we also ran a pilot programme, working with Nottingham Burns Unit, called The Nottingham Burns Support Network.

Since 2015, following feedback from our beneficiaries, we have been focussing on organising weekend social events.  The next “Weekender” event will be in September 2017

Our events are planned and facilitated by our trained Peer Support Volunteers. If a group event is not suitable, or someone needs to meet a peer before he or she would feel confident to attend a social event, we can offer supervised one-to-one meeting or phone chat with one of our trained peer support volunteers.


“It was a super day – I enjoyed and took a lot from the wonderful Jamie and his talk and also enjoyed the Pilates time! I was particularly looking forward to the day and spending time with others who had also faced traumatic times – as, even though they were people I hadn’t met before, there would be an understanding and some shared feelings.

Without the opportunity which KPF presents, this just would not exist – a great way to empower and give confidence – eliminating fears of appearance.”