The Katie Piper Foundation – Rehabilitation Services

You can work on your rehabilitation together with our specialists online, through our Rehabilitation Service. This is conducted over video calls (sometimes called ‘tele-rehab’), as one-to-one sessions mainly and complemented with group sessions.  We’re open for new referrals.  Please get in touch about services if you’re a survivor, or to refer patients if you’re a health or social care worker. As a registered charity, you will not be charged for these services, we will work with you on funding options.

Our Rehabilitation Centre in Merseyside is a key part of our Rehabilitation Service.  At the moment, it is on pause as we plan how best to re-open a safe and reliable service. Following being closed because of disruptions due to the pandemic, we face lots of challenges as a small team, so thank you in advance for bearing with us. Please do still get in touch about in-person rehabilitation as we can start to get to know you and your in-person needs, and sometimes start assessments for an in-person Centre visit.

 Who can use the services?

The services are for adults of any gender, who have a burn injury, or an injury which has left you with significant scars.

Services have been designed to help the journey of rehabilitation once emergency and acute care has been completed with NHS burns services, you may still be attending out-patient appointments. You can discuss the future with us while you are still in hospital.

Contact us to talk through which services are right for you at this time or in the future.

How does it work?

All survivors can have a tailored programme of specialist physiotherapy, survivor-to-survivor support, goal-focused activities, counselling and well-being. It will be designed with you at the heart of it and in consultation with your existing networks, including your NHS burns team.

For some survivors, in-person care at our Rehabilitation Centre will make a huge difference.  We recommend a stay of multiple weeks and you will experience activities off-site as well as hands-on and machine assisted scar management. This is paired with support over video and phone calls either side of the stay, and during.  For others, a fully digital service will be the best suited and have the biggest impact.  Whatever the nature of your bespoke programme, working together will lead to improved independence and stability.

To hear more about rehabilitation services or refer, contact us directly by using our form or call our Head of Charity Services Johanne via our Survivor Support Line: 0300 365 0055 or text or Whatsapp her on 07496 827266, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm