A – Z of Fundraising

If you need some ideas of how to fundraise for The Foundation check out our A – Z of fundraising below. There’s plenty of ideas to choose from!


uction of promises – Hold an auction where people offer items or services to be auctioned (e.g. babysitting, cleaning a car, chauffeur for the day, decorating room, personal shopper etc.)  Advertise well in advance and get an auctioneer good auctioneer.


agging in a Supermarket – Seek the permission of the Manager and arrange to bag customers’ shopping, and have a collection bucket at the checkout.

Book sales– Get all your friends and relatives to clear out their book shelves and donate the books to you to sell. You can sell these online, to friends or at work to your colleagues.

Birthday Party/Dinner – Why not ask your friends to donate to the Foundation instead of receiving gifts for your birthday or anniversary?


ar boot sale – Have a spring clean! Sell your old furniture, unwanted gifts and clothes.

Coffee Morning – Host a coffee morning/cake sale for family and friends or at work.

Clothes swap – Hold a sale amongst your friends to bring and buy.


ress down day – Hold a dress down day at work or school, and charge a fee for wearing ‘non-uniform’ or casual clothes.

Dining Club – Take turns to host a dinner with friends and ask them to donate what they think its worth!

Donate in Lieu – Instead of your friend giving you gifts for your birthday, Christmas or Wedding, why not ask them to donate to the Katie Piper Foundation instead? Open an online fundraising page.


ighties night – Host an 80’s night.

eBay – Register yourself on eBay  or another auction site and auction off your old, unwanted items.


un runs– You could organise your own; decide the venue and the distance, and ask people to sponsor you. 


uessing Game– Get a jar and fill with coloured sweets and charge people a £1 to guess how many sweets there are.  The closest guess wins the jar!

Garage sale – Host a garage sale.


ula Hooping – See how long you can hula hooping for or many you can do and get people to sponsor you.


nternational Evening – Host a dinner for friends with a theme to a country of your choice.  Have food, music and drinks that are native that that country.  Or host an Indian or Italian evening.


umble sale– Have an early spring clear out and sell all your unwanted clothes, household items.  You can do this from your house – put up signs in advance to maximize your visitors.


araoke night– Hold it at home with your games console.  Charge each person/team an entry fee and have a battle to see who gets the loudest cheers.


unch – Host a ‘Ladies or Lads who lunch’ event. Ask them to donate for the delicious lunch you prepare for them.


atch giving – Many employers are happy to help you out when it comes to charity. Ask your employer if they can match whatever you raise and watch your fundraising total double!

Murder Mystery Evening – You can find these online, or in shops.  Charge your friends and family to attend and have a mysterious evening!


early New Sale– The ‘posher’ jumble sale.  Be selective over what you sell, only pick items that are nearly new and in great condition.

No Chocolate (or favourite food) – For a week or even a month. Get people to sponsor you to give up a little of what you fancy!


ffice Collection– Hold a collection in your office with notices telling people who you are raising the money for.

Odd jobs– Advertise your services for helping out for odd jobs.

One Hundred Club – Set up a 100 club in your area, to help raise money for the charity and also give members an opportunity to win cash prizes. Contact KPF for further information.

Oscar Night – Why not dress up & do your version of ‘The Oscars’?


ink day – Ask if you can charge classmates a £1 to wear their own clothes to school for a day – as long as they wear something pink, white and black!


uiz night– Charge an entry fee for individuals or teams to take part; questions could be on a set theme, like cats, pop music, or general knowledge.  For children, hold a junior trivia challenge about popular TV, music etc.  You can hold the night at a local venue, and ask local businesses to contribute prizes.


ecycle – Recycle cans for money!  Some places will give you up to a penny a can.  Get your friends, family and neighbours to give you their empty cans.  Over a year, you could make a fair bit, and help the environment too.

Raffle – Raffles can help you to bring in extra donations and increase participation and awareness at the same time – all on a very slim budget. Encourage friends, family and neighbours to donate items to be raffled off. They need not be physical things; people might donate a few hours of their time, or a particular skill that they have.

The only potentially large expense involved in a raffle of this sort is the hire of a venue in which to hold the event – but you can easily get around this if you know someone with a large enough living room! Check raffle rules with the Foundation.


ponsored silence – See if you and your friends can manage a whole day in silence, and don’t forget to get at least £1 sponsorship each!

Swimathon– Kids and adults can do sponsored distances.  Ask people to sponsor you per lap, or mile depending on how long you can swim for!

Slim– Ask people to sponsor you to get to your target weight.  It could be that extra bit of motivation you need!

Street Collection – Contact the Foundation to obtain buckets for a street collection, be sure to obtain a permit from your local council first, contact the Foundation for advice.

Stationary bike or run – Organise a bike ride or run on a running machine in somewhere like a pub, and get your friends to sponsor you and cheer you on while they’re relaxing!


alent competition – Hold a talent competition one lunchtime- why not ask your teacher/boss to be the judge and have a prize for the winner? Don’t forget to ask everyone to make a donation if they want to enter!

Tuck shop – Set up a retro tuck shop at work, and you can chocolates and crisps to your work/school mates.  Just make sure you sell at a higher price then you paid for the treats!  Or you can sell home-made cakes and cookies too if you’ve got time to bake them.


nwanted Gift Sale– Ask your friends if they have any unwanted gifts from Christmas they could donate to you.


alentines Party– Host an evening romantically themed – or hold an anti-valentine party!  Ask your guests to pay an entrance fee.


ine tasting evening– Spend an evening tasting fine wine.  Ask attendees to pay an entry fee, provide wine, cheese and French bread free of charge.


-Factor Party– Ask your guests to come as their favourite contestant and have a singing competition.


es day– Say yes to everyone’s demands (within reason!) and ask people to sponsor you to do so.


any dress day– Charge people at work or school to come in fancy or zany dress!

Zoo quiz – Organise a zoo quiz at your local pub or village hall.