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The Katie Piper Foundation, established in 2009 by burns survivor Katie Piper OBE, is the only charity in the UK providing burns rehabilitation, dedicated to supporting people who have experienced life-altering burns and scarring.

We aim to improve survivors’ quality of life by supporting them physically, mentally, and emotionally through a personalised rehabilitation programme, whether the injury is recent or many years ago.  

Our support is informed by lived experience, and led by a specialised, expert team so that we can support survivors, their families, and their loved ones through their journey of recovery.  

What do we do?

Our support is provided through a mix of face-to-face and online sessions. Depending on the needs of the individual, they will have access to all or a mix of the following services:

  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Psychological Support
  • Residential Rehabilitation
  • Wellbeing Programmes
  • Community and Peer Support

We understand the significance of physical well-being in the recovery journey, recognising that burns survivors often face multiple complex disabilities. We will work with other specialist services wherever we can to support the goals of each survivor.  

At the Rehabilitation Centre: physiotherapist using LPG Endermologie equipment with survivor

Our Aims

We work alongside the NHS, the survivor and their family to ensure a smooth transition into our rehabilitation services, whether it is into the Centre or into our Rehabilitation at Home program. Our primary aim is to ensure all progress is sustainable and that survivors have the confidence to continue with their rehabilitation goals independently. We help survivors to identify how they want their lives to progress and support them in achieving this, whether it’s getting back to work, socialising again or going out of the house independently.  

Our Approach

We take a goals focused approach to burns and scar rehabilitation. Each survivor works with our multidisciplinary team to develop a tailor-made plan that identifies both their individual aims and how to achieve them.

The improvement survivors can make is truly life changing and we use recognised outcome measures to track progress and ensure that we are achieving the optimum impact for each individual.

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