September 29, 2021

Driving Change in Rehabilitation – 10 Minutes with Samantha – burns specialist physio

18 months on from the first Covid-19 lockdown, we’re taking a look back at the impact of our Rehabilitation At Home service on survivors of burns and people with scars from traumatic incidents.  The digital, tele-rehabilitation service was created as soon as we learned that restrictions would mean a pause on hands-on care at our Rehabilitation Centre in Merseyside.

Watch and listen to our burns specialist physiotherapist, Samantha Bennett here, presenting in summer 2021 at the 20th Congress for the International Society for Burn Injuries.

Listen for the full 10 minutes to learn about how we can help you as a survivor and how we work with you as a healthcare professional.  Or dip in for 30 seconds here, and 30 seconds there for snapshots of how we help, such as one patient who was in a wheelchair for 10 years until he worked with our programme, and found that he could stand, giving him a sense of independence he didn’t imagine was possible.