December 1, 2021

Emergency Appeal
Survivor Andreas Appeals for Your Support

“I’m a survivor of burns as a result of an acid attack that happened in a case of mistaken identity. This was me and my son before the attack.”


After the attack, I was left with blindness, breathing problems and a face that would never look like the old me again. I’m a loyal supporter of The Katie Piper Foundation, and I’m writing to ask you to join me in that support, at a time of emergency.



I’ve just heard from Johanne, the Head of Patient Services at The Katie Piper Foundation. She told me that 5 times more survivors of burns are turning to the charity in need of help, than before the pandemic. The Foundation does not have enough funds to help these people in crisis. This precious charity has no Government funding. This lifeline’s existence relies on supporters like us. Survivors need your help today.

Like me, you’ll understand that Covid has made things unimaginably hard for people thrown suddenly into mental and physical health crisis. I asked Johanne, what is it like for survivors specifically, who’ve suffered their burns and trauma during the pandemic? She said, “Andreas, over half of those we are helping come to us having had thoughts of suicide. I’ve never seen anything like it in my 20 years of working with people with complex health needs.”

I was one of the first patients to get life-changing care and treatment at their Rehabilitation Centre, the only one of its kind in the UK. By working with the healthcare specialists and survivors there, those seconds of violence didn’t put an end to my faith in humanity, my independence, or my ability to be a husband and dad.


So I know how vital it is that no survivors of burns are turned away. I am personally devastated at the thought of any threat to the amazing impact achieved every day by Katie and her team. Please help victims of violence in crisis. And all survivors who turn to Katie’s charity. They’re trying to find a way through their first Christmas with new disabilities, lost identities and little hope. You can guide them through with a donation today.


I asked Johanne and Katie if I could get in touch with anyone who’d ever shown compassion towards this essential charity to ask them to join me to save survivor services. I really appreciate the chance to write to you.

It takes seconds for a life to be altered forever. It only takes seconds to donate. Please donate to the Foundation’s first Emergency Appeal in its history.

With warm wishes


Andreas, Survivor of Burns and Supporter of The Katie Piper Foundation